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April 9, 2007

By Michael Westfall

There are conservatives who believe that we should not address the liberals on the Left, even though they are waging full war against the tenets of our Christian faith. I respectfully disagree.

Ever since he garnered the attention of the public, Michael Moore has been one of the major Leftist liberal icons that have been calling Christian conservatives radical wing nuts.

What did Moore base his career on? Does Moore have any genuine credentials? If so, what are they?

Did he begin many years ago back in the 1980’s by riding the coat tails and using the ideas, work and identity of concerned Flint autoworker activists?

What is the authentic Flint story, and where did Moore really come from?

Is Mike really on the side of the common family man and an expert on everything from politics to health care, or is he a manipulative Leftist multi-millionaire pretending and playing out his liberal illusions? Has he used his celebrity and influence to damage America in important ways?

God works in mysterious ways, and twenty-five years ago it would have been hard to imagine that I would someday be the editor of a site that publishes conservative papers. In the 1970’s and 1980’s I was the leader of various activist blue-collar grassroots worker groups, all headquartered in Flint Michigan.

From Flint, we spoke out against the corporate restructuring that was evaporating America’s premier manufacturing jobs. Our people were dedicated two-fisted worker rebels with thick hides that put the cause above themselves. Our workers had the intestinal fortitude necessary to address the big picture that covered all of the complex issues ranging from automation to global sourcing and were made up of honest hard working family people that cared about our nation and our way of life. We became involved in politics, and I ran for and was elected as the chairman of the union caucus in power at the largest truck plant in the world. We led large worker rallies and participated in countless related functions all around our nation.

Although you didn’t hear it in Michael Moore’s fiction film, Roger and Me, , or the new film about Michael Moore called Manufacturing Dissent, , Michael Moore was my guest at GM stockholders meetings before his Roger movie. At these stockholders meetings our blue-collar activists would confront Roger Smith on the issues that Moore would come to declare as his solo issues.

I call Roger and Me fiction because I was there and I know. Michael Moore, who wasn’t even from Flint, had few credentials and is not the genius intellect that his Leftist liberal pals thinks that he is.

Moore only hit the colossal financial jackpot when he successfully pretended to show to the world that it was himself who was fighting the fight that the real worker activists were engaged in. For Roger, Moore usurped the Flint activists work, ideas and popularity. He effectively made himself into the solo Flint activist rebel spokesman hero for the world when he was anything but a common man’s hero.

Moore’s claim to fame has since been based on making cookie cutter knockouts or croc-umentary style films patterned after the Roger film.

Mike Moore was never a blue-collar activist and it is up for debate if he was even a Flint talking head. He was really not much more then an observer in Flint who made a cheap movie. For Moore to have alluded or suggested otherwise, or that he was the lone Flint Don Quixote raising the issues, is just false and one of his first most glaring problems with the truth. This is fundamentally important because it is what he has based his entire career upon.

Today, the world has seen Mike in action, and much of the world questions his narcissistic endeavor to make a matinee idol out of himself by ridiculing people, making fun of serious situations and using calculated lunacy, such as offering America’s college students free underwear, to get attention for his contrived arguments.

Pro-lifers have heard Mike’s whining nasal chants about abortion. They remember Moore’s statements that he voted for Jimmy Carter because he thought that if Gerald Ford were elected that abortion would end. Influential abortion proponents like Moore have the blood of America’s unborn on their hands because they personally have helped maintain the slaughter and the American holocaust that stains our nation’s soul.

On the political front, Moore is a sterling example of the bankrupt values and morality of the Democrats on the liberal Left. Mike was accepted as a stand up celebrity for the Democrats in the 2004 Presidential election. He was the radical poster boy and icon of the Democratic Party with his slacker campaign. Unbelievably, he was accepted as an iniquitous front man for the top Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry.\\Politics\\archive\\200410\\POL20041014a.html

Today, Ralph Nader and I are on opposite sides of the political table on some important issues. That said, Ralph has always been America’s premier consumer advocate, and, whatever your political persuasion, America can never repay Ralph Nader for his contributions in these areas.

Relative to Moore’s loyalties, Nader, who ran against Kerry for president, opened important doors for Moore in Mike’s early years. I worked with Ralph during those early years, and in 1989 I asked Ralph why he would get behind and support such a person as Moore. How did Moore repay Ralph Nader? Well, when Nader ran for president against Kerry, Moore jumped onto Kerry’s bus and began a noteworthy campaign of deep personal character assassination against Ralph Nader all over the nation. If you have a core of decency, you just don’t degrade and turn on people in that manner when they have done so much for you.

On other fronts, staunch citizens who believe in our American system shake their heads. They view Moore as the two-faced adversary of the 2nd amendment who wants to refuse Americans the right to own a gun to defend their families even though Moore hypocritically surrounds himself with gun toting armed guards.

As a Leftist religious icon, Moore reaches out and preaches to his liberal choir, which in too many instances have been America’s young impressionable college students. Like a twisted pied piper pagan preacher Mike has targeted our youth, held rallies with them and has been quick to inflict his convoluted values on his liberal enamored listeners and viewers.

Mike’s mouth pukes out profanities and obscenities as he attacks people he personally labels as America’s conservative infidels. He defies basic Biblical scripture and raises his fist against God’s word as he chastises Christian principles.

Moore has traveled around the world discrediting America by calling Americans dumb, stupid and embarrassing. Unbelievably, Mike has stated that those killing our soldiers in Iraq could be considered as equals to our own Revolutionary War heroes…and they will win.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance celebrate Moore for his TV shows. Moore’s liberal fans raved at the episode where Moore staged a sexual witch-hunt on capital Hill with his Puritan attired actors. Bravo supported and promoted Moore’s Awful Truth TV show, and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance urged viewers to especially thank Bravo for supporting gay rights.

Moore sucker punches Christian conservative values. One of his twisted shows featured a dozen wild partying gays and lesbians loudly and obnoxiously crossing the country in a pink Winnebago they proudly called their sodomobile.

Mike has been richly rewarded and enriched by those who have supported his contrived Leftist liberal diatribes. Today, Moore is finishing his newest croc-umentary, which he calls Sicko. It tends to make one wonder that maybe the sickest people of all are those who will put down the price of a ticket to help further support and continue Mike’s maniacal delusions of grander.

Mike Moore and I left Flint many years ago and went in totally opposite directions in life. I genuinely feel sorry for him and for the poor misled souls who have been influenced by this guy. There is still room for Moore and these people at the foot of the cross, just as there was for me.

There have been many attempts to define Michael Moore in both books and films. The latest attempt is with the new film Manufacturing Dissent, which was produced by husband and wife filmmakers Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine from Toronto, Canada. It recently premiered in Texas on March 10, 2007. The films producers used multiple film clips of my various worker activist groups and our meetings and demonstrations throughout the film, and this film does do a credible job in questioning Moore’s ethics. The producers put Moore in the same hot seat he has put his victims for many years.

I am, however, not happy with some of this movie. It is full of Moore’s, and others, continual profanities that will guarantee that conservative audiences will never view it. Also, and very importantly, Manufacturing Dissent only begins to address the substance and magnitude of the authentic Flint workers who make up the much more important deeper story.

Unfortunately, most of the efforts to uncover Moore’s actual origin of success in the films thus far produced about him are usually made by disconnected talking heads. They fail to understand that the history of Moore’s beginning is the essential key to the narration of Moore’s story.

Some moviemakers seem to appear out of nowhere to do a picture, lack accurate historical knowledge and must educate themselves on story content. They develop their own assumptions, which in important ways may not be based on historical accuracies. They then only use the information they collect that proves and supports their story line. They ignore or skim over critically important factual historical information brought to their attention, if it runs contrary to their politics, contrived film plot, political persuasions or ideologies.

Filmmakers tend to impersonate or mimic Moore, as they become the narrator-stars in their own films. By ignoring or downplaying Moore’s history to fit their story lines, these people only muddy up the waters. This has only added to Moore’s phony mystique.

Some of these filmmakers have been fellow Leftists like Mike and hold him up in high esteem. They fully agree with his politics so, of course, they are paternalistic to the Left and adjust their assumptions accordingly. They don’t get the full real story because they are not after it. They are satisfied with just a tiny slice of the story that keeps them in good standing with fellow Leftists, in and out of the film industry, while getting themselves on the big screen for a shot at fame and fortune.

For accurate historical or documentary purposes, the work of most of those who do these confusing films is just a waste of time, energy and resources.

That said, movies are one of the most powerful influences that impact our culture and values. Michael Moore and the liberal Left understand this fact, and Moore has openly bragged that conservatives don't know how to make movies.

Until now filmmakers have overlooked the genuine Flint worker activist story, which would explode the Michael Moore myth. It would demonstrate Americana at its best, by showing the decline of Flint through highlighting the work and telling the amazing stories of the Flint worker activists who spent years sounding a national alarm.

The available documented material, the work, the activities and the notoriety would surely tell the story that would translate into a blockbuster film. It would mesmerize the world with this overlooked chronicle about workers who cared about their country, their jobs and America’s dwindling manufacturing base. This story is filled with world famous people, issues and content that deals with jobs, our culture and America’s working class.

Such a film would unquestionably expose the Michael Moore myth, reward investors and offer millions of forgotten conservatives an opportunity to return to the movies. Most importantly, this film would open the floodgates of a national debate for a return to a more conservative culture, which is just the opposite of what Michael Moore has based his liberal leftist career on.