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2007 New Years Resolution / Onward Christian Soldiers


Before going to the links in this piece be aware that some of these links do include objectionable material.


By…Michael Westfall                                                        


Colossians 4:6 states, “The words we speak affect others, positively or negatively, and one day we will have to answer for them.”… You are the closest to the beast when the flames are the highest, and those who seek to follow God and his word endure a hostile world.

Today the use of personal computers is one of the fastest growing areas of mass communication. This technology can be used for the good of humanity or in some cases small-minded warped individuals endeavor to use it to debase and alter Judeo-Christian values. There are now multiple radical “Left Be-Hinder” web sites that make a sport of attacking those who take a stand for decency. These sites question traditional Bible based morality as they labor to twist our society towards their own confused values. They use their web sites as attack dogs that they aim at the people whom they personally identify as the “Right Wing-Nuts.” These web sites are growing in number, their influence is increasing and they are a part of a bigger process that is working to morally collapse our culture.

These people denounce the exclusivity of God ordained traditional marriage by campaigning for same-sex marriage. They rationalize and support the agenda of those who practice homosexuality and quickly label anyone that dares speak of their anti-biblical abominations as homophobes and bigots.

To distance God from our children, they clump themselves together and fight to replace the teaching of intelligent design or God’s creation in schools with the teaching of evolution.

Those people who choose to run these sites are convoluted flamethrowers who puke out their bankrupt values to their like-minded peanut gallery of predictable fellow puppet bloggers who in turn blindly chime in with their agreement, support and mockery of Christian principles. Those people in their peanut galleries, who lack faith, don’t know what to believe. They are led around by their noses and comply because they are lost sheep. Those leading these sites ask leading initial questions designed to encourage these bumpkin bloggers to slander, take out of context, ridicule, call names and verbally abuse God’s people, church leaders and those who are fighting to preserve America’s traditional God based family values.

These people prove again and again how they laugh in the face of God, place zero importance on the Word of God and follow the liberal model, which is defined by sin and perversion.

They would do themselves a service by reading Matthew 12:36-37 where Christ said, “But I say onto you, “That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.”

This paper will give our readers an insight into the mindset of the character of the people that choose to participate in these pathetically obscene “Left Be-Hinder” sites.  While understanding that there are a growing number of these sites pumping out their contemptible nonsensical ideologies, for this paper, it would be best to illustrate how these sites operate by focusing on just one such site. Clearly, the best way to garner an understanding of these sites and how they attempt to confuse, twist and demonize Christians and Christian beliefs is to use their own material and words. I hesitate to garner any of these unknown bloggers the attention that they so desperately seek, but for this paper I will focus on just one.

The site is called Dispatches From The Cultural Wars, and an individual, Ed Brayton, runs it from the dark edges of the Internet. In the pool of importance Brayton’s tiny little site is but the smallest of minnows. For this paper, I will include several links to Brayton’s opinionated comments on the web.

Mr. Brayton considers himself a great mind, but I must warn you that if you are to understand the demeanor and twisted words of Brayton and his ilk, you must first hold your nose and then check your brains and values at the door. He behaves like an ACLU groupie want to-be and calls himself a longtime evolutionist. His trifling claim to fame is that he was a co-founder of the little known Michigan Citizens for Science… which fights for the teaching of evolution in classrooms, and the Panda’s Thumb which is another pitiful little site also dedicated in large part to evolution.

The Bible talks of those who will harden their hearts and believe in themselves and nothing more. We owe a debt of gratitude to those people who are standing up against such little people like Brayton and for what the Braytons of this world represent.

Please be aware that many of the subsequent links from Brayton’s representative site do contain objectionable material. Following you will find several issues and examples of the decadent comments against our Christian leaders from this pitiful site.

”[Before going to any Left Be-Hinder links be aware that these sites do contain very” objectionable material.]”…

I will begin with

 * Franklin Graham 

Franklin Graham talks of the mission of the Billy Graham Evangelic Association to reach as many people as they can with the good news of Jesus Christ.

     See…Dispatches From The Cultural Wars

*Gary Bauer… / At American values Gary talks of using your voice to help protect life, marriage, family, faith & freedom.

    SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars

*The Agape Press produces pro-family material written from a Christian perspective and a biblical worldview.

See…Dispatches From The Cultural Wars


*Dr. James Dobson at Focus On The Family” 

See…Dispatches From The Cultural Wars

*James Kennedy at Coral Ridge Ministries 

See…Dispatches From The Cultural Wars 


*Don Wildmon, head of the American Family Association

See…Dispatches From The Cultural Wars


*Pat Robertson of the “700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network … 

SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars

*Alan Keyes at Renew America


    SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars



* Nedd Kareiva” at Stop The ACLU.” 

SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars

*Tom Monaghan and the “Thomas More Law Center” 

SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars


*Bob Jones III & “Bob Jones University” 

SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars

*Jerry Falwell at Jerry Falwell Ministries   

SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars


*Michael Westfall… The American Conservative Worker

See…Dispatches From The Cultural Wars



SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars



SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars



SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars



SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars


SeeDispatches From The Cultural Wars

The list goes on. These are but a small example of the issues and some of my favorite God fearing decent people that these “Left Be-Hinder” blogs assail. If you or your organization are fellow “Right Wing Nuts”, as they call us, and your name is not on this list fear not because the web is so full of such idiotic sites that they will eventually catch up to you.

Life is about choices. God gives humans the ability to make choices, and also the capacity to distinguish between good and evil. Those who run these sites have the same opportunity to see, hear and understand the goodness of God and the love of Christ as everyone else.

It really is tragic that these people don’t take the time to understand or spend their energies and resources to seek out God. They need to accept Christ as their savior and would do well to buy a Bible, go the New Testament and read John 3:16-21.  

Jesus says in Mathew 13: 13-15“Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.” “For this people’s heart has become calloused.”

Brayton calls the teaching of creation to our children in their classrooms fraud, and Brayton’s mission is to justify, promote and support those who practice homosexuality. The Bible is not bashful or politically correct as it clearly calls the practice of homosexuality an abomination.  Brayton, on the other hand, fights for same-sex marriage and fumes that “religious people” are hypocritical and incoherent in the argument relative to gay “special rights.”

Brayton boasts on his site that any God worthy of concern would be on his side on these issues. Well, it may come as a shocking surprise to Brayton, but God doesn’t work that way and God doesn’t answer to anyone named Brayton. Such people want to shove Christians into the same closets from which those who practice homosexuality have recently come out of.

The “Left Be-Hinders” understand that for the practice of homosexuality to be considered “normal” in a Christian nation is impossible because it goes totally against the Bible. It cannot happen.  These people know that the only way that this practice, and I might also add the equally apprehensible gruesome practice of abortion, could ever be considered morally acceptable in America is to eliminate the influence of the Bible. That is why they attempt to denigrate and evaporate the Word of God.

To those of you who think these “Left Be-Hinders” are not attacking your personal religious liberties and traditional culture, the ranting on their sites is clear growing evidence of why you are wrong. They truly observe us as Christian conservative fossils and because of such people our culture is in profound danger. It seems incredible that we would have such a discussion today or that these small people would be taken seriously, but given the breakdown in our culture we must acknowledge such people.

In the end, the only thing that you can counter these people with is the truth in the Bible, even though they reject it,  … there is nothing else.

The “Left Be-Hinders” know this, and therefore take out of context and condemn the people of faith as they fight, ignore, redefine and degrade God’s word. While they may be foolish, they are not stupid and while they may sometimes confusingly allude otherwise, like the ACLU, they are using every means possible to denigrate Christianity.

Jesus told his disciples, if you don’t have a firm foundation you could easily be led away from your beliefs.

The meandering and bewildered “Left Be-Hinders’ ” outcry today is “Death to the Bible!”, “Death to God’s traditional Church!” and “Death to the future of decency and morality!” They are losers that believe everything is relevant, there is no particular supreme God worthy of answering to and scripture is not God inspired, but meaningless semi-historical literature so there are therefore no absolutes and everything goes.

Tragically and personally unfortunate for these “Left Be-Hinders” is if you disagree with any of God’s word then you disagree with all of it. The enormously foolish people connected with these sites that lack faith have no problem rationalizing and validating that, which is anti-God and anti Christian. Their words and actions exemplify that they don’t consider the Bible as the Word of God or having any validity because they have developed their personal opinions to differ and conflict with God’s word. To them their own personal opinions are now supreme, and the idol or god they worship is the one they see when they look in the mirror.

Romans 1: 16-32 starts out by stating “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” It goes on…“ For although they knew God they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise they became fools.

Thanks be to those who put the cause of God above themselves. May God go with you in 2007 and may we continue showering the light of God over the darkness and the dark people of this world. May your 2007 New Years resolution be …Onward Christian soldiers.