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Untold millions of foolish non-believers have rejected their Savior and the Word of God.  The Lucifer Parody Letters are a serious yet mocking reflection on how the satanic gates to Hell have been flung open.


Parody Letters From Lucifer Series

Letter #4


July 1, 2006

By…Michael Westfall



The Parody Lucifer Letters Introduction


GET THIS CLEAR! I delight in blind-siding gullible souls who are surrounded daily by the evidence of my work, yet refute my existence. My satanic scheme is designed to create an apocalyptic chain of events that will manipulate into my discipleship people and groups that have the power to deliver America to my altar by destroying America’s values and culture. This includes legal, entertainment and special interest organizations. I expose only a small glimpse of my scheme with each communication. Collectively these letters of appreciation and instruction offer a glimpse of the pathway to Hell itself…


Dear Mr. Ron Howard,

I am  “Lucifer”, but you may call me Mr. Satan”.  This is my forth letter of communication directed exclusively to my most influential disciples who are a major force in keeping my agenda alive and active.


To all of my other individual helpers connected to the Da Vinci Code book and movie fiction, who have equally contributed by adding confusion and doubt to the Holy Scriptures, I know who you are. Your efforts fit my purposes disturbingly well and on judgment day…. you will be held personally accountable.

Dan Brown’s bestseller fiction novel, The Da Vinci Code, began this progression by questioning the fundamentals of Christianity. The book suggests Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife, the mother of Jesus’ offspring, the real Holy Grail and the person meant to lead the church. The book conjectures that just about everything taught about Christ today is a lie, and the truth has been secretly kept from the world because the Bible Gospels promoting the deity of Christ were written in antiquity to hide and cover up the truth. 

1 Corinthians 15:14 elucidates that if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. The fictitious Da Vinci Code’s   so-called original concealed documents supposedly revealed Jesus as only a moral teacher and nothing else. 

The story casts sinister and wicked shadows on the Roman Catholic Church by implying it murdered to keep the secret about Jesus concealed. It also infers that artists gave deliberate reticent clues to these revelations hundreds of years ago through their artwork such as Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting.

Mr. Howard, under your direction, your film, which stars Tom Hanks, takes the book to the next level. It masquerades fiction as would-be truth creating false assumptions, asking contrived questions, adding further deep confusion to the Gospels and challenging the very divinity of Christ in the name of entertainment.

As your beast, I can readily tell you that this twisted tortuous movie has the smell of death rather then the fragrance of life, thus I have rewarded you with sparkling financial gains at the box office.

As the king of liars, it tingles my tail how you have taken an evil assemblage of made-up hoax, including an insignificant crumb of myth, which is full of historical and theological errors and twisted it with non-factual evidence to weave the absurdity of this fairy-tale concoction. You have created a genuinely nauseating and wickedly fictitious flick on Christianity, which you are pawning off as entertainment. Not bad my trusted and convoluted disciple!

The Bible states that man is not to add or take away from the Bible. At judgment there will be severe consequences for people who, even in jest, use Hollywood’s resources to create sham movies attempting to damage God’s word and cast stumbling blocks into viewers’ minds. Your film calls the church a liar as it challenges the trustworthiness of the scriptures and convolutes the word of God for profit.

Such imagination! Your film’s mundane script with its foolish fabrication and insane hypothesis could only be produced in my Tinsel Town, and I tip my sweatband to you! I mean, the sheer folly of this sacrilegious piece of misinformation that truly demonizes the Roman Catholic Church!

What must Jesus, who suffered and died on the cross for the sins of all people, think as they freely condemn him, reject his word and ignore his love by offering themselves up on my alter? Thank you, Thank you!

Unless they accept Jesus, the very person they dishonor, diminish and debase, as their personal savior, then I must gleefully enlighten them that each day brings them closer to their companionship with yours truly …Me!

I would suggest that all of my blaspheming disciples enjoy their fleeting prestige, power and money for denigrating God’s word because there will be no star status here on our cruise down the lake of fire through the canyons of brimstone. If they weren’t so thirsty during their eternal stay, I believe they would even enjoy the power of the huge exploding thermometers and other sights and sounds in deafening surround sound and repulsive wide screen Technicolor. … Hurray for Hollywood!

This heats the area up where my heart should be and while I don’t have the ability to love, I do have, shall I say, strong feelings for my Hollywood deceivers…I mean disciples. 

You refuse to reflect in your influential work how God has blessed your life and selfishly chose instead to use your resources to challenge the savior of man and give life to this smoldering crock of fiction. You deliberately force viewers to choose between your seductive entertainment and the Loving God of the universe. I suspect that, daddy Andy, Barney, old Aunt Bea and Mayberry are not too proud of little Oppie …But I am! Your beast may not be real desirable or too vibrant, but I salute you for allowing me to work my satanic scheme through your work. 

Starting with Eve, I have empowered certain self-deceivers to consider themselves as powerful little gods. I have bestowed vital influence today to my publishing and movie industry disciples to reach a multitude of people in the shortest period of time. They have undertaken to bamboozle others through their twisted and manipulated misinformation.


I have purposely spoiled and prepared my Tinsel Town disciples, from an early age and throughout each of their individual personal lifetimes, so they would consider themselves special, privileged and creative. In reality, however, I have groomed them to be egotistical and self-infatuated enough so they would dare write and produce sacrilegious films like my Da Vinci Code.

Rather then tremble in their shoes at the thought of standing before God and giving an account for their actions, such bold people stand fearlessly tall by me and cast doubts into the minds of people against the very divinity of Jesus Christ.


You might think I am walking in circles and talking in riddles, but… I have given my disciples the power to craft believable and misleading facsimiles of reality. Many viewers will not differentiate the truth from illusion and be misled, just as I have misled the creators of this material. They prefer to be entertained with fake theology rather then read the Bible and learn the bona fide truth.


Confidentially, Mr. Howard, your name recognition along with Tom Hanks affords me the most wonderful bait as I prowl the world causing heaven the loss of precious souls. It allows me to book new passengers for the forever cruise through hell as we persuade people away from the word of God and towards an eternity of damnation and despair.


I am pleased by how the film industry is missing an everlasting opportunity to improve America’s values by cleaning up the movies. According to God, immorality is wrong. You entertainers contribute little to the culture in which you are allowed to thrive in your fifteen minutes of vaporous fame.

My Tinsel Town disciples are now drilling down and labeling Christians as accusatory cultists who are following the big myth. Please, forget the fact that with no God there is no judgment. This automatically makes it politically correct to accept this Hollywood slop as entertainment. 

America has proven it is susceptible to Hollywood illusion in the past. Orson Wells’ Oct. 30, 1938 War of the Worlds radio show, like The Da Vinci code, was also taken from a book. As the listeners tuned in, they were put into a fictitious arena where fake became reality and false became truth. Like the Da Vinci Code, it was designed to look like reality. As the fake Martians were invading earth there were fake bulletins interrupting the fake broadcast about the fake invasion that was occurring at Grover Mills, New Jersey.  Americans were panicked as they naively believed the destruction of the world was taking place before their ears. As in The Da Vinci Code, the audience was fleetingly told it was all fiction, but America only believed the illusory parts. 

Listeners became part of the fiction as mass hysteria took over. They got out their guns and took to the highways to escape these Martian invaders. It was false! Yet Americans unbelievably bought it hook line and sinker. 

The Da Vinci Code is dreadfully different and extremely more toxic to audiences than War of the Worlds because this dangerous movie has the potential to steal men’s eternal souls. 

I find it fascinating that some conservatives would not discourage church members from seeing this blasphemous movie. Mercy! Hollywood is attempting to blatantly pollute viewer’s minds, pervert their faith and insult their God, and America is pouring out its wallets to them. Thank you, Thank you! Your devil doesn’t want to appear difficult, so I will disrespectfully agree with these conservatives because the more who enrich my book and film ticket sales just guarantees me future blockbuster sequels…This is just the beginning of your end. 

Listen up! I am your devil! How can you not worship my godless church of liberalism, which wants to destroy traditional Biblical faith? How can I not appreciate filmmakers whose passion for contempt and loathing for the church never ends in offensive films such as this one? 

I must elaborate! By attacking the validity of the word of God, my moviemaker disciples have stepped well over the boundary line and into an area so utterly powerful that they don’t have the human understanding to begin to realize just how much long-term harm they are doing to the Christian faith. There have been few forces on earth that have helped me as much, and I offer you my moribund appreciation. 

Going forward, you must deny that this movie is deceptive satanic brain washing and its true mission is to keep viewers and their families from accepting Jesus as their savior. Using glitzy entertainment in this manner is like feeding viewers candy coated poison.

You must Remember, it is not to our advantage to enlighten viewers that our myths and legends, which the Da Vinci Code are based on, were written hundreds of years after Jesus by totally unreliable sources.

Do not acknowledge how those who put the New Testament together were faultlessly careful of the books they included and wanted to make absolutely certain there were no myths or lies. They selected writings only from those people who personally knew Jesus, were eyewitnesses to Jesus, saw his miracles, knew his teachings, and knew exactly what his mission was. They saw enough truth first-hand to have sufficient faith that they were willing to be martyred through terrible deaths for defending the divinity of Christ and for fulfilling Jesus’ great commission of spreading the gospel. 

Forget the Bible and all of these historical facts. Instead press, through doubt and confusion, that your movie viewers use the movie script for their theology! Also forget the power of the pen used to write the Bible and remember that a slick modern moving picture is worth a thousand ancient words? 

HEY, I am not here to preach the truth, so I will only quietly enunciate that Jesus was not an ordinary man, he was sent to you to save mankind and that Jesus is the only way to the Father and everlasting life. He knew his purpose and fulfilled that purpose … perfectly. Believe me, if anyone knows that, it is I, your burning beast. 

In reality, there is really no code to decode because the Da Vinci Code is total fictionalized folly and false. It is only smoke…and mirrors. It is all a satanic scheme.

So…don’t you forget the most important person that is making all of this confusion possible for you? It is, “ME”! Yours truly… Lucifer the Beast! 

I demand you, my loyal disciples, to continue on with my scheme of blurring the lines between evil, good, truth and deceit so people won’t know the difference between right and wrong and thus have no feelings of responsibility, remorse, or humiliation. 

Understand that the real satanic message of the fictitious Da Vinvi Code is that the church is a liar, the gospels are altered and Jesus Christ was just a man and no more. 

As Satan, I fully understand that the church is what holds America together. I have your Church and your spiritual beliefs under attack. If mankind doesn’t protect its faith, believe in the divinity of Christ, that the Church is Holy and the Gospels are the absolute truth, I will dismantle your church piece-by-piece with the help of my disciples. I fully intend to completely steal it from America inch-by-inch, part-by-part, book-by-book, film-by-film, law-by-law and pew-by-pew. There will be nothing left for your children but devastation and an eternity with….  ME! 

Your grim reaper is awaiting you, your children and your nation. 

Your Master, 

Satan, the anti-Christ

(Lucifer the Beast)  




Westfall’s “The American Worker”


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