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AFA Dinner Huge Success

April 27, 2006

By: Michael Westfall


The American Family Association of Michigan held its annual banquet Thursday, April 27 at Addison Oaks in Leonard, Michigan. Thanks go out to everyone who organized and participated in this important event. It was a tremendous success and contained a full house of concerned Michigan citizens who appreciate the work of Michigan’s AFA and its President Gary Glenn. People traveled from around the state to show their support and they were not disappointed.


Featured speakers included Detroit’s Bob Dutko, host of WMUZ's Bob Dutko Radio Show. Mr. Dutko is one of the most popular and listened to Christian public affairs talk show hosts in the United States. He is also the former national press secretary of The Christian Coalition. A talented speaker, Mr. Dutko gave an interesting overview of his work and the many critical issues impacting America’s culture. Mr. Dutko praised Mr. Glenn for being a dedicated and powerful leader on social issues.


Those attending were especially appreciative of the dedication and energetic hard work of Michigan’s AFA President Gary Glenn. In addition to fighting pornography and other cultural issues, Mr. Glenn, who directs the AFA from Midland, has turned much of his attention to opposing gay rights initiatives across the state.


He has fearlessly taken on the homosexual agenda and has fought proposals to permit gays to head Boy Scout troops as well as sexual non-discrimination ordinances proposed by various Michigan cities.


Gary Glenn has picked up strong criticism from gay groups and others on our accord. He has made the statement that he knows he is closest to the target when the flak is the heaviest.


At this educational dinner the enthusiastic supporters were made aware of the people who were involved in fighting the family values issues on our behalf. Diners had an opportunity to hear about the issues, how they were being handled in the legislature and what we as Michigan residents need to do to help continue fighting these battles.


Auburn Hills mayor and former Christian Coalition activist, Tom McMillan, has stated in the past, the brightest development in Michigan was the rise to prominence of the states AFA and its leader, Gary Glenn. This was very evident by all who attended this important dinner.


Glenn and Dutko also brought out how these moral issues were impacting not only fellow Americans but also other nations around the world.


For 2006 AFA-Michigan is supporting two ballot measures.


The first is the Prenatal Child Protection Amendment, which would end abortion by guaranteeing equal protection and due process of law to all persons from the point of conception.


The second is the Stop Overspending Initiative, which will relieve the tax burden on Michigan families by limiting the growth of our state government budget each year to no more than inflation plus the percentage increase in Michigan’s population. This initiative would require the Legislature to get the voters permission before exceeding that cap, by placing the question on a statewide ballot.


To help the AFA in the petition drive on these two issues please click here.


In America today there are highly focused homosexual groups who are working feverishly to redefine the definition of family. At the same time America has murdered over 46 million of our unborn children through various forms of the gruesome practice of abortion. Pornography is raging throughout our culture and is now in every American home through our televisions and computers.


Each of these societal issues is orchestrated; entering our culture at an alarming speed and occurring in such a way that many Americans have become desensitized.


We see our children and families targeted and exposed to all kinds of obscenities. It is like our culture has lost its moral compass and our sense of right and wrong has flown out the window. We are in a cultural war today.  There are powers that are working diligently to legislate out of existence Christian morality and the very definition of family itself. We cannot afford to lose this war.

Traditional marriage is not a civil right. It is a God ordained right and the building block of society.


Our schools are now targeted by those sympathetic to the homosexual agenda. For them to promote their anti-Biblical homosexual agenda to our defenseless children, who are a captive audience and cannot escape this type of attitude adjustment, is an offensive betrayal by our teaching establishment.  All of these things are happening while the Bible, which is the moral and value foundation of our culture, is drop kicked out of our schools.


The AFA is America’s largest pro-family association and it is definitely time for all of us to step up to the plate and show honest support. If we don’t, America’s culture will be destroyed. There is no question about it. Our children and their children have to live here after we are gone, and they will never forgive us if we squander this opportunity to support the AFA and turn things around for them and their future families.


Mr. Glenn is a passionate fighter for our families. The AFA- Michigan is a critical organization for all of us who believe in Christian and family values. No one person can do this job alone. It takes each of us working together and doing our part to ease the burden. Every Michigan citizen who cares about our culture should participate in the fight by joining this organization.


The AFA needs the prayers, financial contributions, organizing abilities and petition help from supporters, if it is to succeed.


Each of us owes it to our children, our culture and our nation to join now and do our part. To join click here.