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Untold millions of foolish non-believers have rejected their Savior and the Word of God.  The Lucifer Parody Letters are a serious yet mocking reflection on how the satanic gates to Hell have been flung open.


Letters From Lucifer Series

Letter #2


March 1, 2006


By…Michael Westfall



Dear American Music Industry,


 I am  “Lucifer” but you may call me Satan”.  My spirit is alive and active through my disciples in the United States of America as well as the rest of the world. This is my second letter of communication. It is but one of a series of personal letters addressed to my premier supporters. To all of the music executives, producers, writers and entertainers creating “my music”, this letter of appreciation is exclusively for each of you “personally”.


My first letter was to your colleagues at the ACLU. See… I can all but assure you that our loyal  “ACLU” will be there for us as you further my agenda.  By getting the Bible and the word of God out of the schools and away from where young people congregate the ACLU has opened a void in the lives of young people for our music to fill.


I must declare that America’s youth is a moving target to me. Without exposing too much of my blueprint, I will generalize by articulating that music has become one of my major components to coerce innocent, vulnerable and immature young adults to step into my waiting line for the passage on the eternal cruise on the lake of fire. In the past, old-fashioned religious indignation has always saved America from me. This is no longer the situation. The broad ongoing efforts of my disciples at chipping away and nullifying America’s decency from sea to shinning sea has eliminated the potency of America’s historically religious safeguard. This opens up the arena for you to continue delivering to me America’s youth as your exclusive…Sacrifice!


Your contributions to my hellish demands are profoundly bearing evil fruit. Thanks to you, never in the history of mankind have so many foolish entertainers been so willing to join me in my evil work. Being a bit unmerciful, I realize that you are not bright enough to understand but, as your idol, you are my children and you are doing my bidding.


I am admittedly devious and this powerful music, with the depraved messages, is assisting me to quickly move millions of America’s children to the entrance of hell itself right under the noses of their lost and befuddled parents. I am not concerned about their parents because in addition to having many of these confused liberal moms & dads already sidetracked I have designed this music so parents really don’t understand it. If they knew what I was doing to their kids they would be horrified and not allow their children to listen. Where would I be then? Thanks largely to you…. I am winning their children and the parents are losing them …forever! 

Once I get these kids hooked then my various other societal influences, which I have set up, can ease them into becoming full-fledged adult disciples, just like those of you who choose to support me in the music industry. 

In my blueprint of confusion I don’t care if Christians allude that I am a detestable new age pied piper. I admit that the truth isn’t in me. I must also admit that I am pleased with the reality that through the radio airwaves and my cherished TV music channels, I have America’s parents by …their wallets. The millions of parents who subscribe to cable or satellite services automatically get our music and support me. Technology is wonderful! I am forcing these confused parents to subsidize our poison of repugnant music and obscene videos, designed exclusively for their children’s viewing enjoyment… Hey! It is “entertainment” you know!


I have them all addicted. How much better can it get for me as I nick and snip away at America’s dwindling goody-goody culture. Every time these parents buy a product that advertises on one of these music channels, they enrich the companies that in turn give millions of advertising dollars to these channels. That makes it all possible for me to reach their kids. Thank you, Thank you!


Your popular music videos are bursting with sexuality, foul language, and entertaining gory violence. Hey! You are winning awards from your peers with this stuff! The progress that we are now making exemplifies that the day is coming soon when we will no longer be required to bleep out our profane language on these videos, instead we will “intensify” the course talk. My glorious blueprint does all of this by targeting, titillating, confusing and psychologically manipulating the moral make up of American youth along with any morally challenged adult that will listen to this vulgar noise.


Not to loudly, but my intent is to direct children away from God’s love and towards me with my eternity of damnation and despair. I mean just consider America’s concern for their children from my big picture perspective. America has actually murdered over 46,000,000 of their innocent unborn children through various forms of gruesome abortion. Ironically, the children that they allowed to be born are being handed over to me on a silver platter without even a fight. Such fools,”… I mean loving parents.


What must Jesus who went to the cross and died for the sins of these very people think as they freely reject his word and his love by offering their own children up on MY ALTAR? 

MTV and its fellow music channels now reach hundred’s of millions of households. They are the best-known channels among people from the ages of 11 to 35 years old. Their music videos use strong violence, have tobacco or alcohol use in 25% of their videos and 75% of their videos involve sexual imagery. Keep up this great liberal work in my name, MTV! 

Children are acutely aware of commercial messages and parents are oblivious to what we are putting in their kid’s vulnerable minds. We now have these trusting and totally dependent kids, many who have raging hormones, immersed and swimming for their very souls in an ocean of sex, a powerful stream of violence and good old American materialism. I am contently feeding on their innocence and pickling their brains with my anti family messages. We now have these children and young adults as the most heavily marketed-to generation in the history of mankind. We are really sizzling and smarter then their parents who should be appalled at what we are doing to the minds and hearts of their precious offspring…but they don’t have a clue. It is insane! 

For the celebrity, fame and the odor of your greenback dollars I now have many American entertainers that will do anything I require. I created the old adage that “sex sells”. The way we persuade America’s female entertainers to turn themselves into scorching risqué singers in our music videos helps market my product, which is…ME! To you female artists who have chosen to join me, you have made it exceedingly pleasant for our listeners to find me through your filthy lyrics sung as you gyrate around in various stages of undress. This raises my temperature and makes my blood boil with glee. Thank you, Thank you!


I have many of these entertainers to the point that they don’t care what their images do to those who watch. I am elated how these female bumpers and grinders in order to achieve celebrity have become the role models to the young innocent girls in America, who now wish to emulate these down home video babes. I realize that I can be a little confusing but I would never suggest that America’s female singers who behave in such ways are brainless dupes, I mean, I wouldn’t want to be heard calling their relentless slithering around as shameful… but I, as THEIR MASTER, do appreciate “their” outrageous behavior!  These disciples are qualifying themselves for the warmest seats on their upcoming cruise.


I don’t totally have country music, “yet” There are a few hardheaded traditionalist country holdouts but it is obvious that I am making progress! At one time country music meant mom, home and apple pie. My mission going forward is to change country music’s message to sex, attitude and more sex. 

I remember when the Grand Ole Opry was just beginning in Nashville. From the Ryman Auditoriam, Nashville played traditional country music through the big days of radio and television. This formula of music was simple and filled with family values, nostalgia and the issues that everyday families face. 

Today, that is not always the case.  I have gotten a claw hold on this music, I am working to turn it as prurient as its big cousin at MTV and I don’t intend to let go. Integrating country music into my blueprint will allow me to reach many Americans that just won’t listen to my radical MTV music.  

For the sake of confusion I enjoy intermingling an occasional religious or patriotic song into the country format to confuse Country music fans?  

Like in my Pop music, some female country entertainers are also willing to perform in provocative ways and sing their little songs about and around very compromising and suggestive situations. I certainly hope that the spouses, children and other family members of these entertainers are as proud of their behavior as I am. I know that in God’s world this behavior is wrong, but in my world wrong is right. I can assure any dim witted, I mean confused tacky entertainer regardless of music genre, that they will be amply rewarded in the future for their contributions for the destruction of mankind’s morals. Yes, their fifteen minutes of fame in man’s world will lead to a changed eternity for them…if they stay with me.


I also have a growing number of ethically impaired male country singers. They put out contrived images in their staged videos that they are out of control macho men and party animals that can out-drink and whip anyone in the bar. As at MTV, they surround themselves with morally challenged barely dressed females. Their music can be as equally profane as the female singers. How pathetically arrogant and foolish they all are.


They aren’t out of control at all… “They are under my control”! They are idols to the impressionable young boys that I am trying to reach. I will see just how tough they really are, if” they get here with me. I, as the master of confusion and the biggest liar in history, would never condemn them as wasting their fifteen minutes of fame by further degrading American culture. They have the opportunity to improve society but refuse and I am so grateful to them for the irresponsible behavior that some of them exhibit.


If they end up here with me, there will be no glowing and contrived back slapping Country Music awards for them, only glowing pitchforks. There are no celebrities in hell. The only rhapsodies are the gnashing of teeth and the eternal sobbing from the multitudes that rejected Christ. No, the trip to hell is not going to be an exotic cruise to Rome, Monte Carlo or to some other exotic paradise but it will certainly have heat, heat and more heat. To those who have turned their backs on the little baby from Bethlehem, their cruise, by choice, is destined to be on the eternal lake of fire.


I would never say this to loudly but… until the day they get on board they could cancel. But let’s keep that quiet because they have booked themselves on this cruise by choice and we certainly don’t want to spook them! Once they pass over to me and get on board then the lifeline of God’s love is cut forever. To avoid this infinite cruise they would have to accept Christ as their savior. But let’s not go there. This is not an arena I am comfortable discussing. Let us just say that FOR THEM, ONCE THEY cross overIT IS OVER!


In conclusion and relative to your ‘just rewards “ for producing this music… “Come on really”! Do you actually want me to tell you that your “just rewards” on the lake of fire cruise will be pleasant and cool? As the master of deceit, I will tell you that your eyes have never beheld such a sight and your eternal view will be swathed with billowing thick layers of fog, I mean smoke. It will be full of unearthly smells that will remain with you forever. I will honestly tell you there will be no music where you are going. No twanging guitars, no booming drums and especially no harps, just the never-ending sounds of the multitudes… continually weeping. The sounds will not need amplifiers or microphones. Where you are going the messages to my music will remain but the melodies will be gone up in the flames…what a shame.

I have empowered you. You are obliging me by making the unspeakable politically correct. I order you to intensify your attacks on America’s culture by glamorizing the prurient, decadent anti-family messages through your lyrics and vivid videos. 

“Continue working with my other disciples to get God out of America. All semblances of Christianity in society must be eradicated so my adolescent followers will not understand the difference between right and wrong and have no feelings of guilt or embarrassment for following me. Continue blurring the lines between evil, good, truth and lies. Push for tolerance and open mindedness no matter what the cost to society. As long as we continue to confuse the issues, no matter how immoral or reprobate, I will “temporarily” prevail and the youth will be “forever” caught in my devil’s trap.” 

Don’t stop labeling Christians as accusatory cultists who are following the big myth. Remember, that with “no God” there is “no judgment”, and it automatically becomes politically correct to follow me. By drilling down on the youth and denying them the truth, I will win them all over in just one more generation and the remains of America will be…bowing to me.

 “Just look around, how can you come to any other conclusion”! 

I assure you that it all doesn’t end in a slow moving hearse…. for you, who follow me, it will be just the beginning.



Your Master, 

Satan the anti Christ

(Lucifer the Beast)




Westfall’s “The American Worker”


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