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Americas Trade Unions Misguided on Moral Issues

January 29, 2006


Large American unions are using their power and influence to institute cultural changes.

There are many examples of this but this paper will feature the new UAW January-February Solidarity Magazine feature called Workers’ Words.

The first issue titled “Can Love Pay the Bills” suggests that the issue of homosexuality and abortion are two issues that do not affect hourly wages or heating bills and consequently are unimportant. This little propaganda piece, under the banner of Christianity, goes on to say that some Christian union members believe the President of the United States is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. It may come as a revelation to union officials but there are many conservative Christian UAW workers who likewise believe that many Democrats are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg because of their stand against Biblical based morality in America today.

Union officials underestimate the power of the morality issues and how union members perceive them.

Attempting to manipulate the minds of those they are elected to represent is unbecoming of any leader. While many union members are strong unionists, they are much stronger Christians and understand Biblical truths.

Union officials need to understand that abortion is America’s “holocaust”. All life belongs to God including the unborn. For those who read and don’t have a political agenda there are multiple scriptural passages in the Bible that deal with the importance of unborn children.

Our nation would be up in arms if any group of Americans were torn limb from limb, burned beyond recognition with painful saline solutions and then flushed down the toilets like a piece of waste. It would be considered unlawful, unacceptable and insane. That, however, is exactly what the UAW Solidarity Magazine is suggesting is nothing but a distraction in this article in its efforts to demonize Republicans.

What must God think of the leadership of this and other unions when he views such things?

On homosexuality, the one-man, one-woman nuclear family has throughout millennia been the cornerstone of civilized society. For UAW officials to support those who practice homosexuality over the profound disapproval and disgust of their members, who live in Judeo-Christian families, is a direct dereliction of duty. To suggest that such convoluted morality is the Word of God is blasphemy. Those who practice homosexuality have nothing to do with labor.

These are moral issues and union officials are on the wrong side of the table using their power and influence to legitimize and promote these two terrible issues. It is totally apprehensible.

Throughout millennia every nation and every religious faith has supported the one-man one-woman marriage, which has advanced society, given a balanced home life to our children and stability to our civilizations. Our children have to live in this nation after we are gone. They will never forgive us if we squander this opportunity to protect marriage for them and their future families.

In a Christian nation for the practices of abortion and homosexuality, which the Bible states as an abomination, to be considered “normal” is impossibility. It cannot happen. The only way that these two practices could ever be considered acceptable would be to redefine or eliminate the influence of the Bible. That is exactly what UAW “Solidarity Magazine” is attempting to do. Our nation is being poisoned and immorality and anti-family attacks are marching on in lockstep.

As believing Christians, we know for certain where God stands on abortion, marriage and homosexuality. It is clearly stated in the Bible. Christianity is not something you only practice in church. As citizens our actions and deeds need to reflect our Christianity. You don’t leave your Christianity at the door of the union hall or at Solidarity House when you walk in. These are very divisive issues that have the power to tear unions apart.

Those who practice homosexuality are not husbands or wives, they are not a Biblical family and they never will be. Union leaders are taking the wrong side by accommodating these issues and when they pretend that God is with them they are totally out of bounds.

UAW officials, have not only embraced and looked favorably on the practice of homosexuality but have let same sex partners of practicing homosexual auto workers, who have nothing to do with building autos, tap into benefit packages. UAW officials have also attempted, unsuccessfully thus far, to garner abortion coverage in national contracts. Now they have set up a new propaganda section in their Solidarity Magazine and the first issue uses Christians to trivialize these issues and use them as fodder to demonize Republicans.

Rather then take the high road and promote Godly views, they use their power and influence to convolute and twist the Word of God to promote anti-Biblical views. This is pathetic.

Relative to the horrific costs the auto industry is now paying, rather then look inwardly at UAW leadership failures, corporate leadership failures or labor’s so-called Democratic friends’ failures they exclusively blame the Republicans. This is myopic and ridiculous. Rather then call their Democratic buddies to task on the moral issues they join them.

The UAW’s redefinition of the Bible doesn’t change God’s word and they have the entire weight of Solidarity House standing on paper-thin ice on these issues.