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World Morality

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World Morality

by Michael Westfall

 January, 2006  

Wherever we live in the world we are becoming more socially homogenized and must be aware of what is occurring socially and morally in other cultures. Given the influence of America’s culture, this paper will address America and more specifically the ACLU, which is an organization working to impact America’s culture. See

   The ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, actively participates in separation of church and state cases. Many important Christian organizations believe the ACLU wants to totally eliminate any reference to religion from American government.

   Historically, moral absolutes have been based on God’s word, the Bible. Today there is an effort to minimize, question and eliminate the Bible and characterize Christians as finger pointing, radical, delusional chumps.

    America’s culture has become profane and offers legalized on-demand murder through abortion, living room pornography through television, vulgar music through our radios and sleazy, violent, anti-family movies at our movie theatres. American movies today, which are shown all over the world, are filled with senseless anti-Biblical liberality, seething with, vulgarity, excessive violence and gratuitous sex. They shape the minds of viewers and have long-term negative societal impacts. The people producing this trash hide behind the term censorship and use it as a license to circumvent morality and decimate the moral values of viewers.

   The ACLU has shown the ability to manipulate liberal judges and dish out a bucketful of legal trouble to any group who disagrees with them. They have fought to legalize child pornography, homosexual marriage, prostitution, sex between adults and children and remove “under God” from the pledge of allegiance.

   Their efforts have been lethal in removing prayer from the lips of America’s impressionable children in their schools and public events. They have worked passionately for the gruesome murder of millions of America’s unborn children through various types of abortion and abortion for America’s young schoolgirls without parental consent.

   They have fought against nativity scenes on public property, sex offender registries, broadcast decency laws, tax exemptions for churches and posting the Ten Commandments on public property. They have defended “NAMBLA” which promotes the rape of America’s young children under the guise of free _expression.

    One of the premier organizations fighting the ACLU in Washington D.C. is The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Jay Alan Sekulow is its chief counsel. Its purpose is to protect the religious and constitutional freedoms of Americans. It fights to protect human life and the rights of America’s families. Mr. Selulow has been rightfully called “a powerful counterweight” to the ACLU.

   In conclusion, “our nations” are being poisoned and immorality is marching on in lockstep. If God-fearing people will put the cause above themselves for a period of time and openly come together on these issues for the good of our cultures, then our world will change for the better…are you going to help?

Michael Westfall is the editor of “The American Conservative Worker”.


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