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A Distant Thunder  

( Letter to Westfall from Disney Hollywood film producer Jonathan Flora )



Dear Michael,

I was very moved by your recent article, “Abortion: America’s Holocaust.” ( )Thank you for speaking the truth.  I am a producer with Disney and I want to encourage you there are indeed other voices out here in Hollywood and they need to be heard.   

A Distant Thunder is a film that I wrote and directed as an independent project outside of Disney.  It is a supernatural, courtroom thriller that deals with an issue that we are very passionate about.  We have produced an artistic piece that is generating awareness and dialogue about a topic surrounded by a great deal of misinformation and controversy, partial-birth abortion.  We are amazed at how many people have absolutely no idea what this procedure is!
A Distant Thunder is already creating a buzz. Even though the film has yet to be released, it is receiving very favorable quotes, including the Los Angeles Daily News (which is also promising a column when released), Congressman Steve Chabot, and several more. (Please see the attached)
More importantly, we're hearing how it is already making a difference having saved a life by influencing a young, local California college student to not have an abortion. (Also attached)
We have been to Washington D.C. and met with Congressman Chabot, Senators Santorum and Frist's offices and several others.  They will be holding a Congressional Screening this fall.  We also had the opportunity to meet with Claude Allen (Chief Domestic Policy Advisor for the White House) last month and just last week Governor Jeb Bush emailed requesting a copy.  It was screened at Chuck Colson's Wilberforce Forum a couple of weeks ago and over Labor Day weekend it was screened by the Congress Senior Staff at their Worldview Development Retreat.  It will also be screened next week (Sept. 26 &29) at the International Family Film Festival in competition for Best Short Film here in California.
 I look forward to speaking with you soon. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to give me a call.  I can be reached at my direct line, 818/--- ---- or my cell phone, 818/--- ----.  In the meantime, please feel free to check out our web site at   
Jonathan Flora
A Distant Thunder





Having worked with a number of writers and film producers over the years I can honestly say that this film is unlike any other film you have ever seen. Those of us that are Christian and those of us that are morally upright “must” garner our support behind it.

Advance copies of the film can be purchased by going to the website’s ,, or


Michael Westfall

A Distant Thunder Review At