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UAW 'rebel' opposes labor union's stance on same-sex partnerships



Sunday, July 24, 2005

By Mike Westfall


There are top union leaders today who want to allow homosexuals to legally wed. This has created a great divide between them and their memberships.

The majority of workers in this country, including those in the AFL-CIO, are Christians and have families.

Michigan's AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney's false and erroneous remark that the American Family Association is anti-labor clearly exemplifies his lack of understanding of just what the AFA really is.

Gaffney's statement is a slap at Christian unionists who are deeply offended that union leaders demand that they choose between their union and their God.

I have been a unionist for 41 years and my work is easily found all over the Web under the "Michael Westfall Papers." My labor papers are archived in the University of Michigan library, and I was the one who brought legendary UAW leader Victor Reuther to Flint for the 50th Anniversary Rally of the UAW in 1987.

Would Mr. Gaffney suggest that I was anti-labor because I belong to the AFA?

The AFA position is not an anti-labor stand. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a pro-worker, pro-family and pro-America stand.

America is in a cultural war that is not being waged with bullets and bombs against soldiers and armies. It is a war being waged against our families and children by those who would legislate out of existence Christian morality and the very definition of family itself.

If we lose this moral battle, what does it matter how many nuclear bombs or space-age warfare technologies we have? If we lose our families, what is worth protecting?

One of the gay agenda's recent victories was demonstrated when homosexual autoworkers were successful in coercing the UAW leadership to quietly slip their gay and lesbian partners into the autoworkers benefit package. 

These same-sex gay and lesbian people had nothing to do with the auto industry and didn't work for the companies or earn these benefits.

Now it is on the backs of autoworkers to pick up the tab for the health care of these freeloaders.

Union leaders are being shamefully used by the gay agenda.

No one is trying to take rights away from homosexuals. They just want rights they are not entitled to.

Their same-sex partners are not husbands and they are not wives, but they want to be considered married so they can tap into the benefit and pension plans others have paid for.

Every nation and every religious faith has supported marriage throughout history, and one-man, one-woman marriage has advanced society and given a balanced home life to our children and stability to our civilizations.

For us to destroy marriage would weaken our culture forever. We must not betray our children who have to live in this nation after we are gone.

They will never forgive us if we squander this opportunity to protect marriage for them and their future families. God help us if we fail.

Mike Westfall, 59, of Presque Isle is a retired truck driver and member of UAW Local 598. The former UAW activist was a prominent local figure in the 1980s.