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Mike Westfall




By Michael Westfall 



Small Town Values


Montrose Michigan was my hometown.  Many of the men and women back in the 1950’s worked for GM in the nearby Flint and Saginaw plants. Montrose was a great town that had the kind of good old-fashioned small town values that built this great nation.

Back then we started out in a society much different then the one in which we live today. The moral fiber was much stronger and people could distinguish what was right and what was wrong by the smell test. If it smelled rotten and wrong  …it was usually rotten and wrong!

The workers from Montrose didn’t have to overly protect their children from the obscenities of anti biblical lifestyles. They were just not as prevalent back then with self-servicing pressure groups pushing the envelope. In the 1950’s many folks from Montrose didn’t even lock their doors at night because the times were so very different.

In Montrose my folks who were married for 50 years before my dad died from lung problems lived next door to my wife and I. My wife and I have been married for over 40 years.

My grandparents lived on the other side of us and the Montrose Senior Center was named after my grandfather. My great uncle Main and his wife of 60 years also lived near us in Montrose. Uncle Main rented the same house for over 60 years and paid enough in rent to buy it several times over. Uncle main never had an indoor bathroom and in later years he made his money by building small wooden artsy items with his little band saw, which he would sell to neighbors. Uncle Ted lived across the street and he was the head janitor at Montrose high School back then. He and his wife Agnes were married for over 50 years.

I mention these things because in a small town that is the way it was. This was family. You married someone of the opposite sex and spent your life together.

We were a simple family in a decent and simple little town and this was 1950’s America.

Today things are not the same and there are highly focused opportunists working feverishly to redefine the term ”family”.

It is all being done by orchestrated design and it is seeping throughout our culture in such a way that many have become desensitized.

Today’s workers now see their children and families as being targeted and exposed to all kinds of obscenities everywhere they turn. It is like our culture has lost it’s moral compass and our sense of right and wrong has flown out the window.

We are in a cultural war in America that is not being waged against soldiers and armies with bullets and bombs. It is a war being waged against our families and children by the dark side that would legislate out of existence Christian morality and the very definition of family itself.

It is a war that America cannot afford to lose.

Like the Romans who crumbled from within we are now the undisputed strongest nation on the face of the planet.

If we lose this moral battle what does it matter how many nuclear bombs or space age warfare technologies our nation has?  If we lose our families what is worth protecting? 

To kids in the 1950”s when Disneyland was new it was a land of innocent and decent childhood wonder. To our working fathers Disneyland was a place to take your children for a special wholesome adventure.

Today’s Walt Disney World opens its gates to Gay Day and during Gay Day the people who populate the park call themselves “family”. This confuses the non-thinkers in our country because they are not really families, as we know them.  They are gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals and this is definitely not the kind of “family” defined in the bible. Not even close! See..

Yes, if you go to Disney on “Gay Day” you will be in for a shocking surprise…but leave the kids home.

Why do the homosexuals expect and get special privileges?

They can go to Disney World any day just like everyone else but they expect special privileges so Disney and all the surrounding hotels and restaurants are at their disposal. Isn’t this just a little offensive? Does it pass the smell test?

To the Montrose Michigan families of the 1950’s a family consisted of 1 male husband and 1 female wife plus their children. The men were men and the women were glad of it.                                                        


About eight years ago Congress passed and President Clinton signed, the defense of marriage act, which stated that the federal law would recognize that marriage would be only legal between one man and one woman as husband and wife.

The House overwhelmingly passed this act by 342 to 67 and the senate by a vote of 85 to 14.

38 states also demonstrated a clear consensus for protecting the institution of marriage.

Traditional marriage is not a civil right it is a God Ordained right and “the” building block of society.

Judges are overstepping their limits of office and have no right to legislate a morality, which violates religious and cultural tradition. 

The gay agenda wants to allude that their linked “couples” mirrors the traditional definition of family. While they are obviously clearly wrong on this assumption they are also smart in believing that if they can cloud the definition of family that some will view them as a traditional family. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Their agenda is to change the psychology of our people, our culture and our society by overlooking the clear biblical and time-honored definition of marriage and family. They would like to consider their various liaisons as “families” so as to capitalize on the societal benefits afforded to the “real” families.

There have always been homosexuals but never before have they called themselves families. If they would have they would not have been taken seriously.

Today, homosexuals have been successful in persuading “their special gay families” to consider having children so they can further “cloud” the issue.

The homosexuals various support groups are truly working profusely for the transgender, lesbians, gays and bisexuals while aggressively garnering and using the support of anyone who will, through “political correctness”, defend, promote and give respectability to their lifestyle.

Their support groups have definite objectives and a deliberate mission. Their groups have boards of directors and are serious about completely changing the biblical definition of marriage and family.

One of their groups, which is called the LGBT for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender has been in existence for over 25 years and has over 35000 supporters.

When these groups say “families” they are talking about “their special gay families” and if straight Americans think they are talking about straight families they are very wrong.

These gay support groups are quite simply political pressure groups set up to change drastically workplace and government policies, push gay rights and force our population to give respectability to their lifestyle.

If America wants to preserve it’s culture it had better wake up…pronto!

One of their recent successes was demonstrated when homosexual auto workers were successful in coercing the UAW leadership to quietly slip their gay and lesbian partners into the auto workers contract so they could draw the lucrative spousal health insurance benefits. Their same-sex partners now get healthcare equal to the actual spouses of working families.

Their same-sex gay and lesbian partners had nothing to do with the auto industry and didn’t work for the companies.

Hard working autoworkers now have to pick up their tab and now the companies are saying health care is too expensive and must be cut for all. 

Recently there have been some public schools where trusted teachers have put up pro homosexual posters promoting Gay’s in a positive light over objections from parents who feel that these posters promote an unacceptable lifestyle which is contrary to their beliefs. To promote the homosexual agenda to our defenseless children who are a captive audience and cannot escape this type of attitude adjustment is offensive in the worst sense. It is a betrayal by our teaching establishment.

Our children are being psychologically profiled as you can clearly see from many school curriculums where some materials have come out normalizing the gay lifestyle and talking about how Johnny has two dads…. but no mother or Sally has two mothers …but no dad.

All of this is happening while the Bible, which is the moral, and value foundation of our culture is drop kicked out of our schools. The folks doing this are smart and they are targeting our kids who are the next generation. They know they can’t reach most adults. 

It just is not right to force a mindset onto our children that is different from their values and then expect kids to promote this contrary lifestyle as normal. This has no place in school or anyplace else in America. 

You also see it where homosexuals are pressuring politicians to develop new laws exclusively to promote and protect “their special gay families”

Some homosexual groups form social settings to deal with the deep emotional and sociological problems, which occur from the problems of their lifestyle.  The counseling groups sometimes bring in the parents of the gay individuals in an attempt to add normalcy to their lifestyle.

They seek out questionable clergy and professionals who can give support and credentials to their lifestyle. They even have established counseling groups for the spouses of homosexual members of “their special gay family”.

They want to change everything but there is one thing that doesn’t change. That is Gods word. The Bible won’t ever change.

These homosexual groups are able to operate under tax-exempt status. This means that the rest of us must subsidize what they are attempting to do to our culture. This is crazy and it is outrageous that our spineless politicians would cater to these special interests for a few votes.

Gay Congressman Barney Frank from Massachusetts recently talked of how transgender restrooms would not work today. Why would such an issue even be brought up? Can you imagine such a thing and can you imagine how it would impact society? Do most Americans really realize what is happening to our culture?

Would we want our young daughters sharing a public restroom with strange men who pretend to be women? Do we want our young sons sharing a restroom with strange women who are pretending to be men?

Yes, I agree that transgender restrooms would not work today just like Disney’s Gay Day would not have worked in the 1950’s. But that changed didn’t it. If our culture weren’t changing then there would be no Disney gay Day in 2005.

Do we have any concerns for our children anymore and are there any morals left? Are our children just special interest pawns and what kind of legacy are we leaving them? 

American Family Association

The American family Association is our countries largest pro family association.

Rev. Donald E. Wildman is founder and Chairman. It has almost 2.5 million members and it is growing fast. I urge everyone reading this to join them. Their site is American Family Association at  

I have been a member for many years and can attest to the fact that without this association our nation and culture would lose its main voice and suffer profoundly.

Gary Glenn, President of the AFA-Michigan asked me if I would lend my name as a co-signer and my support to a joint letter to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney 6-3-05 in Washington, D.C. I also belong to the Michigan chapter of the AFA .

I support the AFA and was pleased to do this. You can also find this important letter at 

The purpose of the AFA letter is to promote the marriage amendment by defending our one-man, one-woman marriage and to protect the religious liberties of million’s of Americans.

Rev. Wildman was joined by several national organizations including the coalition of African American Pastors, Catholic Vote, the Southern Baptist Convention, Christian TV and Radio networks as well as prominent religious and conservative leaders.

There are 42 signers and I am pleased to be one of them.

Our letter stated to President Sweeney that “On behalf of our families, specifically on behalf of our children and future generations of America’s children, we will not stand by while the national AFL-CIO officials use the hard earned dues money of America’s working men and women –against their will, and at odds with their own deeply- held religious and moral convictions –to advance a political agenda that threatens to undermine marriage and the family”. 

This is “not” an anti labor stand. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a pro family stand and pro America stand. I, as a lifetime unionist, leader and activist, think it is past time for top union leaders to get back to representing the values and morals of the “vast” majority of those that they are elected to represent. My papers written for over thirty years will stand as a testament to my continuing support of unions but our great unions leadership is seriously lacking on these moral issues and needs to be taken to task.

Some union leaders are morally derelict in their duties so they can appear to be politically correct.

The ultra liberal direction these union leaders have been going in is apprehensible and a kick in the teeth to their Christian workers.

Union leaders in their comfortable little dynasties think that they are the unions but that is false. The people doing the work and paying the bills are the real union and their representation is failing them on the moral and value issues.  

The letter to Sweeney states that “ In light of strong and passionate support among working men and women for protecting one-man, one-woman marriage we were shocked to learn of the National AFL-CIO Executive committee’s unanimous approval in March of a resolution condemning the federal and all state marriage amendments and seemingly endorsed not only so-called homosexual” marriage” but the entire agenda of homosexual and so –called “transgender” activists”.                                 

In Las Vegas in March the AFL-CIO stated that for decades unions have negotiated lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender partner benefits for their workers.

They said that we abolished slavery by amending the constitution but we never amended the constitution to discriminate against any group of people to deny them their rights.

They went on to say that the AFL-CIO “Supports the full inclusion and equal rights of lesbians, gay, Bisexual and transgender people in the workplace.” 

When union leaders attempt to lump homosexuals together with race discrimination they are about as far off base as they can get. Unions suggest that gay issues are comparable to the black issues of the last century. That is just false and isn’t the case. They are not comparable in any reasonable way. 

Blacks were discriminated against because of their race and the color of their skin not their lifestyle. The gay issue is not about race. With homosexuals it is about their chosen lifestyle and they want the same protections as husbands and wives but guess what? They are not husbands and wives and they are not a biblical family and never will be. In the past Americas religious leaders were marching with unions for the civil rights of blacks.

Today, America’s great black pastors are marching in lockstep with white religious leaders against the union’s unbiblical stand and refusal to protect marriage.

Workers are against their union leaders on these moral issues. The union leaders are blind sided and not smart enough to realize that the homosexual movement is using the union’s power and influence against the families of their own memberships.

Why are our great unions promoting the homosexual lifestyle over the Christian lifestyle of their members? Shouldn't they be tending the business of saving American jobs?                                              

Catholics have voiced an opinion on homosexuals. The Rev. Andrew Baker, a staff member from the Vatican office in Rome wrote an entire article discussing why gays should not be ordained. His article came after the gay clergy scandal where gay priests molested young boys.  Baker agued that homosexuals have trouble recognizing the church teachings that homosexuality is a …disorder.

Do we really want to allow the destruction of biblical and traditional marriage so homosexuals can get married? I think not! We need to support the marriage amendment as strongly as we can.

Union leaders are being shamefully used by the gay agenda folks and are exhibiting profound stupidity in not seeing it.

No one is trying to take rights away from homosexuals. They just want rights they are not entitled to.

They are not husbands and wives but they want to be considered married so they can tap into the benefit and pension plans that others have paid for.  They are pulling a scam on America.                                                                        


Is this paper written from hate of homosexuals? No it is not. I agree with the AFA position that the Bible calls us to reject sin and love your neighbor. The AFA is well known for reaching out to homosexuals and letting them know there is healing at the cross. 

I get a lot of feedback on our two sites. Some good and some not so good.

The facts are that I tell it as I see it and refuse to be silenced. I have been a unionist all of my working life. I have led many groups and have done and seen a lot of things. I worked with Victor Reuther, a founding father of the UAW, and there was no stronger critic of union leadership then Victor…and no better unionist.

The facts are that Americas union leadership across the board and contrary to their members wishes has gone ultra liberal on issues relative to values and morals. The union leaders being “against” the marriage amendment which protects their own member’s marriages is a pitiful example.

To Christian workers it isn’t the union that comes first it is Christ and the Bible. Secondly comes the workers family that these union leaders want to redefine. Unions are supposed to represent workers on the issues they believe in but are they on this issue?

These papers are not written to be paternalistic to corporate “or” union leaders.

They are written for American workers. The blue-collar, white collar, unionist and non-union men and women from border to border who have moral values, care about their families, pays the bills and makes our country work. 

Lastly, in this new millennium after hundreds of years of being the institution that has held societies together there are homosexual groups, sympathetic judges, union leaders, governmental authorities and others that want to redefine marriage.

Listen up. American’s only have “one option” if we are to avoid the destruction of marriage. We must pass a constitutional amendment to preserve the Judeo- Christian institution of marriage.

Every nation and every religious faith has supported marriage throughout millennia and one-man, one-woman marriage has advanced society and given a balanced home life to our children and stability to our civilizations. We no longer can afford to be brain dead or comatose on these issues if we care about our families, children and nation. 

It is not necessary to destroy marriage. For us to do this would weaken us and change our culture forever. Our children have to live in this nation after we are gone and they will never forgive us if we squander this opportunity to protect marriage for them and their future families.

Support the marriage amendment. Join and actively support the national as well as your state chapter of the AFA…and do it “Today”.