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The Cross

The Cross



By Michael Westfall



There are those in America who abhor the Word of God and the Evangelical Church. These people have successfully fought Christianity in ways that now deny us the right to display our faith in many public places. Consider the battle over Christmas nativity scenes, the elimination of prayer in public schools or the battle to curtail the viewing of God’s 10 Commandments in public places.

With these efforts to silence the Word of God, the Christian faith and our culture is under attack. Pornographers now fill our theatres and televisions with their smut, our nation has legalized the abortion slaughter of over fifty million babies and the wasted life of the drug culture has replaced the wholesome lifestyle for legions of our youth. Today, politically correct politicians cater to those who demand same-sex marriage and other special homosexual rights while evolutionists teach that God’s creation is a myth. All of these forces combined have targeted the Evangelical church for destruction. Where is the voice of the church? Where are the voices of Christians?




The story of the cross is the greatest story ever told. Special interest powers want this story silenced because it condemns their lifestyle. The cross represents the love that God the Father had for humanity as he allowed his only son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth to be horrifically sacrificed in man’s place to save repentant sinners from eternal damnation. The cross is universally recognized as the symbol of Christianity.




The words of our God may be banned from public land but every town has Bible believing churches, and the Christians who attend these churches own the land in and around these towns. We are proposing that Evangelical churches in every American city collectively join the Consider the Cross Campaign where the only purpose is to build and install one inexpensive 12 foot cross in a high visibility area in their community. Bible believing Christian landowners would consider it an honor to have a cross on their property. Altogether, millions of unbelievers will see these crosses every day in every town they pass through and be reminded that there is hope for everyone at the foot of the cross. The media would pick up on the Consider the Cross Campaign as city after city began constructing these crosses.




As profound as the cross is, one must remember that it was constructed of simple wood. Each coalition cross would be uniform in size and construction. The cost of building a simple 12 foot cross is less than $30 and the material is readily available from all lumber yards. Each cross can be constructed from one vertical 12 foot 4x6 inch treated beam and one horizontal 66 inch 4x6 inch treated cross member beam placed horizontally 33 inches down from the top of the cross. Two inexpensive corrosion resistant 5 inch lag bolts connect the two pieces of the cross together. The completed cross is then easily mounted in 36 inches of soil at the best available vantage point in your city. The cross is constructed of inexpensive treated material which guarantees a no maintenance life expectancy of fifty years. That is all there is to it.

A church men’s group can easily buy, build and mount one or more of these simple wooden crosses in a few short hours. For an insignificant cost your city will then have a cross which puts the symbol of salvation in a highly visible location in your town.




Our society is being poisoned with the powerful cancer of a vast cultural immorality that is marching onward in lockstep. Those who downplay the Bible wish for Christians to silently hide in their church closets. Christians do not owe this darkness any civility as it works to destroy our faith, our values and the Godly soul of our nation. Let us counter it by wallpapering the United States from border to border with the cross of Jesus Christ. Our churches have the highest authority and a deep responsibility for defending the doctrines of our beliefs. God’s church needs to begin working together so America will not become a pagan nation without Christian values where ridiculed and persecuted Christians are devoid of their meaning, their influence and their Church.

Let God’s people unite on this issue regardless of denomination.

Consider this proposal and make a commitment to put a cross in your community then send a copy of this proposal to other churches in your area. Also send this link to all of your Christian friends and ask them to do likewise. Let us know where you have placed the crosses.